IMG-20130209-01220_1361774016243_n Power
control it
be controlled
or flow in between hoping some magnetic field will push you towards one direction
nothing ever has just one direction
there’s always footprints pointing the opposite direction
life is like this one-way, one-direction type of road
every step is a new journey
and the new journey is just another paved road you’ve passed before
only creating new experiences
the direction you choose is based on this power
what is precisely these powers held over life and the classical theory
the right of life and death
how it affects us as individuals
what we are categorized as
the life of power and how we have constructed it
there are many different transitions of power that we as entities face
it is an ongoing thing
that only is being created tougher once it dies-down
power competing with life
life lingering endlessly over power
situations emerging only making the consistency tougher
our beliefs vary at different moments in our lives
our self-definition is indeed a lifelong journey
depending on what we are going through at that specific moment
it is hard to overcome our selfishness
we are constantly on this search of what the world has to offer
so we are constantly playing process of elimination
in hopes that reality will leave us a substance to hold on to
so ponder on the value of your choices
the vibe of your power
and what footprints you leave behind
value everything life has to offer
because life’s offers are endless
and value endlessly
value power without eliminating one or the other
If one is more valuable than the other and you demolish the invaluable one
what is the meaning of value when you have nothing to compare it to?